Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Funny Things Write On A Cast

My Blog's Birthday

And here we go ...
Today, my blog is celebrating its second anniversary!

Two years I blog, I write notes, I love reading your comments, I answer that, whenever possible.

Two years ago I told my little life tops, bottoms, great happiness, the more difficult moments.
And all this time, you accompanied me, supported, encouraged, moved ... Two years

blog is also fabulous discoveries. Blogs
great, which I like commuting. Blogs
disappear, others are born, and always the same pleasure to visit you. It also

meetings. Real friendships are born beautiful "for real", meetings on the web. Some bloggers
encountered during operations blogosphere. The marketting also good!
And women know that I would love one day ...
Meetings with readers also very rewarding and friendly.

Two years of blogging, it's also dozens of projects, challenges, contests, articles participatory.
You is a delight to read constantly renewed.

In two years, so I could virtually meet many partners and work with them. Behind
items of test-products hide dozens of mails, proposals, negotiations, but mostly nice people, with whom he is very pleasant to talk, share.

Approaching my blog birthday, they all responded "present" to spoil you.

Because yes, we can not blog two years alone. Thanks to you if I held so long, if writing is a pleasure because I know read by an audience of more consistent.
So for this anniversary, you're going to receive gifts, even if it is I who will blow the candles on a project dear to my heart for 24 months already!

6 days, 10 partners!
Small businesses that were involved, which will offer lots of cute and friendly.
best known brands, which will spoil you wholesale gifts just as nice!

The game starts tomorrow. And ends March 17. Each day, one or both partners!
For each game, a different rule, as my inspiration. So be careful!
There will be single entries per comment, but also further involvement on your blogs.

I hope you will participate in many of the gifts are worth it, I would love to win myself!

;-) Good luck, be creative, inventive, show me the height of your talent!

It is to relay the beautiful banner! :-) Thank
's Gang Jules!

Wondering how to spoil me for the anniversary of my blog?
Nothing could be easier, go vote for my photo and than MissCouette who eats his boot on Facebook.
This is the second photo, with red shoes!


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